How to backup google chrome bookmark

How to backup bookmark in google chrome??METHOD 1 (Using the computer windows)Open Bookmark Manager Dont know?? Refer hereClick “Organize”Click “Export bookmarks to HTML file… “Name the file and save it wherever you wantYou are done!METHOD 2 (You can…

How to open google bookmark in google chrome

How to open google bookmark in google chromeMethod 1Just simply hit Ctrl+Shift+OMethod 2Open your google chrome and click that buttonThen go to “Bookmarks” ->> “Bookmark Manager”That’s it!! 🙂

Regex in Haskell patterns

Have you ever wanted to do case expr of regexhere -> … ?You can do almost that with view patterns!{-# LANGUAGE ViewPatterns #-}import Text.Regex.Posix– Helperpat :: String -> String -> [[String]]pat p s = s =~ p– Function with matchin…