A ‘software’ transforms a basic electronics lab one telecommunications

Antonio Lopez-Martin, professor at the Public University of Navarre (UPNA), in Spain, has developed software that is able to convert a basic electronics lab in a complete laboratory low cost telecommunications. The project has been awarded as the best product in the category of innovative materials engineering education during the last edition of the IEEE Global Education Conference, held in Tallinn (Estonia).

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In this project, Martin Lopez-connected basic instrumentation of an electronics laboratory and developed a computer software that enables acquiring measurement data and computer emulate the complex and expensive instrumentation equipment for communications.

Thus, experimental teaching can provide cheap and telecommunications using existing equipment in most universities, without cost or additional learning time for implementation, notes the author.

“The invention is particularly attractive for developing universities can not afford the expensive equipment required in a telecommunications engineering degree countries,” says the professor.

[Img # 27789]
Telecommunications Laboratory low cost. (Photo: UPNA)

The work has had a significant impact on the international community, and the software has already been transferred to college

des USA and Mexico and a research center in Australia.

The author was already above the first European to receive the award for the best paper in IEEE Transactions on Education, the global magazine concerning engineering education. (Source: UPNA)

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