Epidemic The Game for the fight against AIDS

Epidemic The Game is the first game for mobile and tablets created by the Foundation Fighting AIDS fundraiser that will go entirely to research. Your download price is 0’99 € and is available in Google Play and Apple Store.

It is an arcade game where the player has to neutralize a virus wave of controlling the movements of the protagonist and firing at the attackers. The protagonist is Pitu in the Android version and version Tipu to Google Play (for adaptation to the political content). In both cases, the protagonist tries to end the firing condoms to combat AIDS viruses (symbolizing the causative agents of sexually transmitted diseases) and provided with pads to protect (depicted the role of HIV treatment as a way to prevent new infections). The kit makes cures and gives more lives, and the pink and yellow pill dropping parachute neutralizes all the bad guys on the screen symbolizing the treatment and preventing the transmission of infections.

Among the poor are blue, red and green viruses and vampires, symbolizing HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. The syringe symbolizes HIV transmission through drug and plane cases of transmission through sexual tourism. DNA virus genome symbolizes that when your turn, joins the infecting healthy cells.

The game also includes a shop where you can buy virtual items such as hats, skirts, sunglasses, tattoos, tutus and other accessories for costumizar the protagonist, along with power-ups to gain effectiveness in the game.

img_27502[1]The Foundation Fighting AIDS is thriving in the development of a therapeutic vaccine and the design of treatment with immunoglobulins (antibodies) that block the access of HIV to healthy cells. The combination of both strategies would serve to eradicate the infection in people with HIV.

The Foundation also works in preventive vaccine (to prevent new infections), coinfection with hepatitis and human papillomavirus, metabolic disorders and cardiovascular risk, and HIV-associated neurocognitive impairment. Aging is also an area of ​​great interest, since AIDS is an accelerated aging, as demonstrated, may be closely related to the intestinal microbiome model. The study of the microbiome could have broad applications in other fields of medicine, which would benefit

n the whole society. (Source: Foundation Fighting AIDS)

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