Movie tickets under control

INTI performs validation of software used in Argentine cinemas for ticketing. The control is mandatory and ensures greater accuracy and speed of measurement of spectators attending theaters around the country.

The number of viewers who attends the cinema is an indicator to assess the popularity of a movie, determine its permanence in poster and building statistics. Furthermore it is key to the Argentine cinema because the Film Development Fund, administered by the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA), is based largely on an assessment that applies on the price of tickets sold.

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In this context, the INTI was organized by the INCAA to validate the software used in the theater box office for ticket printing and record the operations of the rooms. “Providers of software companies are mostly domestic and varied profiles (both one-person and small, medium and large). Each film chooses who buy the ticketing software, but from Resolution No. 3785 is mandatory that this program is validated, “said Federico Bobbio INTI engineer.

Software validation gives reliability to the information provided by each cinema to INCAA: the reports to school inspectors on number of units sold by function and data sent to the agency daily locations.

To conduct the testing, technical INTI designed a series of test cases executed on the software used to control the numbering issued at the entry is correct, that is serialization which explicitly rule and no Repeat serial numbers.

The work is done in the Software Laboratory in Cordoba and Rosario and Mendoza laboratories, under the INTI Software Program coordinated from Buenos Aires. (Photo: INTI)

Software Laboratory of INTI is intended to advance the so-called science of data, working on large volumes of data and reveal hidden information there. “We see patterns or trends, which plot the information, and apply specific algorithms For the INCAA, and are gathering data and exploiting very interesting way;. You can see it in the quarterly reports issued, and maybe we can collaborate with the growth of these activities Science is a useful data area in many sectors. We intend to work, for example in environment and energy, “said Bobbio.

In relation to this work, the head of the Department of Statistics and Data Control Management Control INCAA, Julio Tuozzo, stressed the importance of validating the software to guarantee that it complies with the regulations and to ensure professional competence between different development companies. “Thanks to technology have improved the information with which account management. In twenty-four hours we have reliable data on the number of spectators attending cinemas. This information serves for example to support the national cinema, because if a film is successful allows us to establish measures to not get off cartel. This applies to all the rooms of the country except the so-called INCA spaces

A having a special screening, “he said. (Source: INTI)

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