A smartphone application allows users to report crimes in Lima

Reduce insecurity and identify the places where most crime in Lima (Peru) run are the main goals of the research that proposes the creation of an application (app) mobile as a tool for the ordinary citizen report a crime.

Mobile Geographic Information System using Mobile – D to facilitate access to information on criminal acts in areas of Lima, is the name of the thesis with which Pablo Diaz Lurita obtained the professional title of Engineer and Computer Systems. “In 2011 he started working at a company specialized in mobile application programming company, is where this design emerged app” he said.

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In the research, Pablo Diaz captured the design and functionality of the suway application, which seeks to be a significant contribution in the fight against insecurity, since this information can be fed by people. “This application will walk citizen active in defending its security partner,” he said.

At first, suway was aimed at the Android, iPhone and Windowsphone IOS operating systems, but for technical reasons only focused on Android. This app shows you the citizen a map of the different locations where -robos various criminal acts, kidnappings, etc have occurred and, on the other hand, receives a user feedback through your smartphone.

Pablo Diaz Facade Engineering Faculty and Computer Systems of San Marcos. (Photo: San Marcos)

“For example, a person is walking and looks a steal into a corner, what do you do? What can report on the map, selecting the site and filling the data in a report form, then send it to the server. The report is validated by a third user (administrator app) and is then viewed by other users of the application, “he said.

In the case of the person who would put the work of the administrator app, the San Marcos graduated indicates that this staff would be hired to cover this and future responsibility, which is automated and independent.

Among his upcoming plans, Pablo Diaz, said he expects to submit the draft app to the National Police of Peru, as it believes is an essential tool to facilitate the fight against crime. Otherwise, opt for seeking funding from state or private entities for launch

to the market. (Source: San Marcos / DICYT)

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